Sri Sastha Builders

Sri Sastha Builders is a major real estate company based in Coimbatore that offers executive services in buying, selling and leasing land plots for sale in Coimbatore for residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural purposes.

Residential Plot For Sale In Coimbatore

Individual villa plots are available in proximity to all necessary facilities like markets, hospitals, schools, colleges, malls etc. If you are in search of budget friendly residential plots in Coimbatore, we are here to help you find the best land as per your requirements. Luxury villa plots in the city are available that are economical for all land buyers. Luxury plots are not always exorbitant that you think. Choose from the best options and own your residential plots for sale in Coimbatore with Sri Sastha Builders.
Sri Sastha Builders

Residential Plots In Gated Community

We offer a distinct range of residential plots in prospering gated community in Coimbatore, perfect for every family. We offer well laid out housing plots within gated communities where your imagination for your dream house can come true. Our gated community projects offer a variety of plotted lands with proper road transport.
We offer cost-effective ideal housing layouts for individual villa plots. All basic facilities are in immediate vicinity to all our residential plots. We do not just offer lands in Coimbatore; we even provide after purchase consultation from top architects and designer for the best architectural plan for your dream home.

Sri Sastha Builders

Commercial And Industrial Plots In Coimbatore

Our commercial and industrial plots are the most preferred plots in Coimbatore. Coimbatore, as the second largest city in Tamil Nādu, is overall good for all types of businesses. Our guidance will help you find the best industrial land in Coimbatore that will perfectly match your requirement. Book your plot in Coimbatore for your business with us and don’t miss the opportunity to own industrial land for sale in Coimbatore.
Sri Sastha Builders

Farm Land For Sale In Coimbatore

Farmlands are another good plot for future investment. Farmland values are rising all over the world and farmlands are always exempt for certain taxes for the obvious reason that is agriculture. Thus, investing in farmland for sale in Coimbatore will be beneficial.
Legal Procedures

Legal Procedures Related To Lands For Sale In Coimbatore : The DTCP Approval

For owning any land or any real estate in any location, both the buyer and seller must follow certain legal procedures and get approval from the local authorities of that state in India. In Tamil Nadu, DTCP( The Directorate of Town and Country Planning, or, The Department of Town and Country Planning) is the state government agency under their jurisdiction that looks after the terms and condition for sales of lands in Tamil Nadu. The plots for sale in Coimbatore must get the approval from DTCP. DTCP has different zonal regulations for various zones such as,
Residential Use Zone
Commercial Use Zone
Industrial Use Zone
Educational Use Zone
Public and Semi public Use Zone
Agriculture Use Zone

The draft zone regulation is a part of the master plan and the master plan for proper land use and can be approved by the local planning authorities.

With Sri Sastha Builders, you will find all kinds of DTCP approved land for sale in Coimbatore. Plots with DTCP approval are guaranteed to be legally salable, and their owners must present full legal documentation that has been approved by Tamil Nadu’s government. The benefit of DTCP- plots is that, once approved, they are given an identification number that can be cross-verified before purchasing a plot, eliminating any possibility of illegal or unfair dealings of lands.


Choose The Right Land Property Dealer In Coimbatore

You must be sure that you are dealing with a lawful, honest and reputed property dealer/builder like Sri Sastha Builders. Always do proper market research before investing. Being cautious is the best way to avoid property fraud and save your hard earned money.